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ConLuc is a technology company focused on AI that seeks to give the world a solution to the problems that affect it. To finance our work, we decided to create a DeFi cryptocurrency with REAL USE in the world. It will be a universal cryptocurrency, it will not only have a single use, but it will be adapted for everything.
I am currently working on "LockEye" (AI for the vehicle sector); a solution architecture to allow mass resolution of global problems through my automated algorithm.

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CONLUC CASH it's a worldwide DeFi token. Represents the next era of finance and is poised to assume a leadership position within the industry. Thanks to our technology, ethics, and transparency, CLC is taking advantage of next-generation technologies to build a completely clean and beneficial ecosystem for all its users.
CLC black 2.0 Whitee.png
CLC black 2.0 Whitee.png

The main project of our ecosystem

We eliminate all types of fees to winners both in online casino games and in all sports bets. UNLIMITED EARNINGS !!!
Don't be confused, this is not just another ordinary casino and sports betting site.
Mesa de poker

You can enjoy the classic casino games. Both public and private games. You can even create your own games!

You won't believe our revolutionary sports betting platform. You can be part of the whole world of sports in the real world as the digital one. And not only this, get ready to meet with friends and make your own proposal.

You will have all the best known slots with the highest win rates on the market

When we talk about NTFs, not only will the owner benefit, but everyone who follows him and joins his game will win!

Are you passionate about sports? Do you think you know everything about your team? I think that it is time for all this knowledge to be beneficial in your life. You don't believe it?
In our platform you will have everything you need to analyze your next move!
You get great benefits thanks to all your passion and knowledge in sports.
Thanks to our next associations, you will be able to collect sports cards again like old times. But this time, they will have much more utility than just collecting them.
Get together with your friends and create your own league to compete and be victorious for your grand prize! They may also accept the entry of other fans who are attracted to your vision of the game! And in this way, everyone wins!

Incredible collaborations and incredible opportunities for all freelance designers! Working with the powerful technology provided by Unreal Engine 5, we will be able to position ourselves as leaders in the market!


Each world will have its own economy, you can help them grow and you can grow too! Remember that thanks to ConLuc Cash, your time and decisions on the metaverse can be very lucrative in real life!

Here your NFTs have a real use!

Tired of the banking system, its bureaucracy, institutions, and everything related the access and use of your own money? This is not just any wallet, the money you have here is completely yours. There are no hidden costs, maintenance costs, monthly costs, annual costs, NOTHING. The use of this wallet is completely free, if you have to make current payments such as coffee, food, shopping, services, etc., you can do it. And thanks to our fixed fee (< USD 1), merchants can give you up to a 15% discount.


Crypto features

Automatic Liquidity
For each transaction a permanent automatic Liquidity of 4% is generated
There is a constant burning of the 1% token in each transaction carried out. In this way, the offer will constantly decrease. In addition, when the deliveries of blocked tokens from our investors and beneficiaries of the pre-sale are delivered, a quantity of tokens is sent to a dead wallet to maintain its stability.
For each transaction, 1% is distributed among all HOLDERS that support the project. It is an incentive to keep the funds within the project. You see your investment grow if you stay inside
New liquidity pools
As we move forward with alliances and the growth of our community, we will add more tokens to new pools so as not to affect the market value.
Anti-Whale Code
Although it is complicated, people or companies that want to "have control of the market" do not have easy things here.

Learn more about our TOKEN

CLC black 2.0 Whitee.png


Phase 1
•Smart Contract (BSC) •WhitePaper •Private Pre-Sale •Sweepstakes •Increase community •Marketing campaign

You can find more information on our whitepaper

Phase 2
• Public Pre-Sale Cointool •Sweepstakes
•Increase community


Phase 3
• Market launch •BNB, BTC, ETH, USDT,BUSDT, EUR, ¥ •Show wallets with locked tokens •Sweepstakes

Phase 4
•Official presentation of ConLuc •Platform development (Wallet, Commerce platform, Casino / bets and NFTs)

Phase 5
• Launch of the casino and betting platform
• Wallet
• NTFs
We will keep updated in our whitepaper, on our website and on social media.


Something coming up? Wallet that eliminates all kinds of fees when making transactions, casino and sports bets, real entry to the metaverse (We cannot say much about our next association, but I assure you that if you browse our website a bit, I am sure you will find some interesting Easter eggs), access to great degrees from prestigious universities, NFTs with really useful uses in your life, and more!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Learn more about ConLuc Cash


LockEye is artificial intelligence software for vehicles. This technology is developed to cover all the security needs of each user. We offers a unique way for users and vehicles communicate by allowing users to modify and customize functions and interact with their vehicles like never before. We provide solutions for vehicle-related problems around the world:

- Theft of personal and corporate vehicles;

- We save the lives of people at risk of traffic accidents;

- We reduce the environmental pollution generated by vehicles;

- And we do more.

"We are concerned with the future, just as we are concerned with the present. That is why we bring today a solution to face the problems of today and tomorrow."


Germán Contreras

CEO & Founder

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If you want to contact, have any questions, or just want to leave a comment, please get in touch. We will be happy to answer.


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