The real metaverse


Tired of reading that there are thousands of metaverses for everything and at the same time for nothing?

No, this is not a metaverse of clay, "retro" 2D or cubes. It's a metaverse as it really should be. This is a real project, with strategic collaborations, we will create a real metaverse for our entire community. Whether you like action video games, adventure, sports, shooting, simulation, whatever, you will find it all with us. We will have large video game companies recognized worldwide. We will create truly incredible worlds! And not only that, you can go out and explore the galaxy and you will decide where to live! Be careful, each world has its rules! And you will even find worlds without rules and even uninhabited

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Each world will have its own physics, laws, climates, economy, inhabitants, among many other surprises. You will be free to live or do what you want, even create your own world with your own rules and let others live there! You could be creating or being part of a group, have pets, couples, cyborgs, AI assistants,  or be a solitary traveler discovering different worlds. But remember to wear a special outfit in case you visit a world with different physics than yours!


We are not closed only in our ideas, a real metaverse has the doors open to all possibilities of growth in the future! Great video game companies will come together throughout our lives to incorporate their own worlds or merge with existing ones. Whether they are action, adventure, sports, horror video games, everyone will have access to join and be part of this great metaverse.

Users will be able to create EVERYTHING! Your character, objects, buildings, plants, everything, the limit is your imagination!
We have a special platform for creators where they can have all our tools at their fingertips and sell their products or simply relate them to the world to create a more incredible world!

Here, absolutely everything you have, buy or earn, you can sell it. Whether it's clothes, vehicles, ships, skins, weapons, items, accessories, real estate, land, perks, advertising, worlds, everything.

If you are an experienced designer and want to be part of this world, do not hesitate to contact us! You can send us your portfolio to meet you and make you part of our team!

Don't stay out! Unreal Engine offers free courses for you to learn yourself and you can make your own creations to sell them!