Frequently Asked Questions
Why are you going to focus on your Casino and Gambling platform first?

Initially we will start with this platform to ensure our entire community a real flow of the currency, demonstrating the constant movement of it. All people who have our token will have access to these platforms with options for everyone. The winnings of the bets will be immediate and without any type of cost or expense for service.

How do we all win from this?

Every time an operation is carried out, whether it is to buy or sell the token, the estimated fee will be used to create automatic liquidity, a new pool liquidity, all the maintenance of the platform, our projects and marketing.

What do you mean by automatic liquidity and a new liquidity fund?

Automatic liquidity means that the % of the fee allocated for this will cause the value of the initial liquidity fund to rise in value, causing the floor of that liquidity fund to increase constantly.

And a new liquidity fund refers to the fact that when more tokens enter the ecosystem, we will fund it ourselves so as not to negatively affect the market. Since as much as the tokens of the buyers in the pre-sales or winners of our raffles, they will be able to enter the market and withdraw their winnings without collapsing the value of the coin. All this, thanks to the fact that we have the power to enter double the coins and then burn part of it and in that way its value will not be affected.

All our liquidity pools will be blocked for the safety of our community.

What happens if in the pre-sale I buy U$D 1,000 and when it is unlocked I want to withdraw all my winnings?

It's very simple. By the time your tokens are about to be unlocked, we will have already made the new liquidity fund for your entry into the market. This means that, if you own X amount of tokens and at the time of your unlocking you decide to sell everything, we will have previously backed double your total tokens and at the time of your entry, and we will burn half of them to assure you and the entire community of any kind of market crash. (And of course, you can leave very happy with all your profit)

When and how will you announce all your progress?

We will be communicating all kinds of progress and alliances through our website, social networks and subscribers to our newsletter via emails.

How can I buy your crypto when it hits the market?

They will be able to buy the crypto through the main exchange platforms in the world

Why are you doing sweepstakes and raffles?

Easy, by capturing the market and having greater communication with our community. Rewarding them for supporting us and always benefiting them.
The raffles will help us to have greater market capture and make us more known. While the raffles, they will help us to raise capital to introduce more tokens to the market without affecting their value. Most of these raffles will be used to create the new liquidity pools.

Can we trade with the crypto in any place?

Of course! But don't anticipate all of our surprises ahead!

Send us all your questions, we care that you feel very safe before taking any kind of action. We will gladly answer everything (don't be scared if it takes 1 or 2 days to respond, don't forget that we are working so that everything comes out in a timely manner). If many of your questions are repeated, we will add them here!

Greetings to our entire community!