It is a worldwide DeFi Crypto.
The goal of this project is to help solve many real-life financial problems and fund our projects, LockEye, and our Metaverse.

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CLC black 2.0 Whitee.png
The first private pre-sale ended and has been a success!
Thank you very much!

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+10% Bonus

Presale price
U$D 0.0000004

Market launch price 
U$D 0.000001

Estimated price for 2023
+U$D 0.00001

250% profit

Project & Ecosystem


Before starting, this Token will be completely transparent with our holders.

Initially, it will be used to obtain the necessary funds to establish the company in the US, THROUGH THE TRANSACTIONS (12%). And launch our software safely. This will be our only "profit motive".

Next, we will create a smart wallet, where users can exchange any amount of money among themselves, without exceeding U$D 1 of commission.

Yes, regardless of the amount of money sent. The price will vary depending on the volume required to carry out the transaction. And the money of the commissions will be to achieve their maintenance. Thus, the highest commission amount is U$D 1 and the lowest is U$D 0.01

So yes, you can buy clothes, a car, a house, go to a restaurant, pay for services or whatever you want and all with a commission of less than U$D 1.

Distribution of initial commissions


Automatic Liquidity




Creation of a company, team salarys, servers, legal department, R&D, marketing & new liquidity fund




There is a constant burning of the 1% token in each transaction carried out. In this way, the offer will constantly decrease. In addition, when the deliveries of blocked tokens from our investors and beneficiaries of the pre-sale are delivered, a quantity of tokens is sent to a dead wallet to maintain its stability.



In each transaction, 1% is distributed among all HOLDERS that support the project. It is an incentive to keep the funds within the project.

Future of Token


A wallet of its own will be created for our ecosystem. Fully compatible with ALL the major wallets in the world. Unlike everyone else, and all banks and credit cards, we will not charge a percentage of the transactions made, but a miniscule charge regardless of the amount. This charge will NEVER exceed $ 1.

{USD 1>  charge > USD 0.01}. It will have an algorithm and an anti-scam system.

Created for everyday use anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, the value will be the same for all countries.
Thanks to our wallet and the union with a strategic partner, you can pay with both Visa and Mastercard for your purchases using CLC

Variedad de monedas
Pagar con celular

Whether you own a business and have to charge your customers, want to pay for a service, want to buy online or want to pay a purchase in installments, no higher commissions are charged than U$D 1.

Grupo seflie

Tired of having to pay commissions for each charge or transaction you make with cards? Commissions can exceed 5% on the value of the transaction regardless of the amount. Eliminate this charge completely and truly own your work. Within our ecosystem, we will not charge account maintenance, phantom commissions, taxes or anything weird. With the simple cost of less than U$D 1 we will give complete maintenance to the network, since we do not seek to profit from it.

Shares and NFT

We will create a series of NFTs to be part of the history of CONLUC. The money made with them will be 100% destined to the company and its creation. In the first NFT's, users will find an official contract signed by Germán Contreras granting them shares in the company. In this case, the transaction between the NFTs will be U$D 1. Regardless of the price of the NFT

Música Clásicos
Dispositivo de realidad virtual

We will join in collaboration with various video game companies to offer our Token and thus consolidate a strong and real currency both in the real and virtual world. Unlike everyone else, we do not seek to profit from this. We will simply add real value to the time spent in the games. Being users of great games like GTA, COD, SIMS, and many more. It would be really nice if time played gives us any rewards in real life, right? Both in and out of the metaverse

Máquinas tragamonedas

We will develop a live sports and games betting platform. Classic games like Roulette, Poker, BlackJack, virtual machines and more. In sports, we will seek to partner with the great agencies of the world. And again, we will not charge any type of Fee, we will continue with our policy of less than U$D 1. We will enter the metaverse by creating social casinos and giving VIP access to live sporting events

Ceremonia de graduación

Student opportunities

We would like to establish a partnership with online teaching entities. To open an opportunity for real studies to all the people of the world. We thus facilitate payments, scholarships and scope of these platforms


Thanks to the amount of currencies supplied, we have the necessary support to enter countries with a poor economy where their local currency is affected by its inflation. Thus giving them a real alternative to their currency and having the scope so that they can eliminate their debts and improve their economy.

Niños jugando


The project will accept donations to achieve the aims and objectives.
These donations can be made through Paypal, Metamask wallet or transfers.
I guarantee that tomorrow we will not forget you